Frequently Asked Questions
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Well, you need to have a VoIP phone, a modem and a router. If you don’t have it, we can provide it at extra prices.
Sure. We guarantee that all payments are secured, and billing information is encrypted. We protect your data
We provide our customers a number of options: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. You can pay once a month or for the whole year and get a 20% discount
Yes. Please contact our team to learn more and ask for the trial
After the trial period, we will ask you about the payment methods
The answer is simple: it’s more practical, have more available features, it’s cheaper, it’s easier to scale. No infrastructure - no headache. All the hardware and infrastructure stays on our side and we manage it for you.
Could you please tell us about the issues you had? Send us a message and we’ll try to dispel your doubts.
No need to worry, the infrastructure will be still available and you do not lose any call. We’ve got a number of call routing options for you: leaving voicemails, find-me-follow-me, also, all the calls can be automatically forwarded to any device. One more thing, you can use a mobile app and mobile Internet to stay in touch.
No, the one you have is fine. Nevertheless, it’s always better to have a second connection, especially if you have a call center. Just in case the first one crashes.
Nothing happens in this case. We do make regular backups, so all your settings are safe. We also work with different providers to reduce risks of unexpected breakages. For the clients with 40+ extensions we provide with a dedicated server.
Without a doubt. It can save you up to 60% on phone bills.
For sure. Have you ever seen a traditional system that can convert text into speech? Well, Telephox can do it for you. And much more, we provide with 40+ different business features for our clients. You can check it here.
We don’t use any, that’s why cloud PBX is cheaper than a traditional phone system. All is managed within a cloud, on our servers. We work with a few PSTN providers so you can get a stable and cheap services.
They work in the same way as calls via a traditional phone. You just need an IP phone connected to the Internet because all calls go digitally.
You do not have phone lines, you have extensions (virtual numbers) instead. You can have as many connections as you need. Telephox VoIP system is scalable, so you can start with only one extension and then add more.
No need to worry. We’ve got professionals in our team to make sure that the set-up process goes as smooth as butter. No downtime or crashes.
There’s a number of options. <br />You can pay monthly and cancel whenever you wish. <br />You can pay annually and get 10% discount. <br />You can pay via card or via PayPal. <br />If you use a custom pricing plan you can pay for the previous month. <br />Use any preferred one.
Unfortunately, we do not support such feature. You can only send fax to email.
Definitely, you number is your number, it stays with you even after you decide to quite.
Sure, we do provide such services. You can have a conference bridge for up to 200 callers.

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