About Telephox
So what is Telephox?

The Internet has significantly changed the world of phone services. VoIP is the new standard for most of the companies, it allows to get more required features (such as call recording, call routing, internet fax, interactive menu, etc.) at lower prices.

Telephox, being one of the main VoIP providers in the US, offers its clients high-quality VoIP services to let you stay connected to your customers and partners. It’s important to stay tuned and not to miss any pronounced word and that is what we are working on.

We are:
Stable stervers
so you never lose an important call or message
High scalability
we grow with your business, always ready to add more extensions and features
Human friendly service
we create our system humaine and user friendly
you and your clients are the main priority for us. So we’re always open for a discussion and ready to provide with additional services for your specific needs
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99 Wall Street #882, New York, NY, 10005
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888 688 0555
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888 688 0555

We would be glad to tell you more about what you can get with Telephox